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20 of the Best Hairstyles for Balding Men

Let’s start with a simple fact; it’s perfectly normal to lose hair. 

On average, we tend to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day without even noticing, simply as part of the natural hair growing and regeneration process. 

In the same way, male pattern baldness or premature hair loss are perfectly natural phenomena, so it’s important to embrace them when they occur and try to identify the best hairstyles to help you to transition to your brand new look.

But what exactly are the best hairstyles for balding men? 

Here are some ideas to keep in mind!

#1. The Buzz Cut

We’ll start with what’s arguably the most iconic haircut for balding men.

The classic ‘buzz cut’ is short, cropped and masculine style that’s incredibly low maintenance, while it provides a viable and less extreme alternative to shaving your scalp completely.

This makes for an easier and more manageable transition, as you look to cope with the emotional challenges of prematurely losing your hair.

It’s widely accepted that shorter hairstyles are more effective when masking growing or obvious baldness, while they can also draw attention to other areas of your face (especially if you have a square or angular jaw).

You can even complete the buzz cut quickly and seamlessly at home, potentially saving you money on those pesky trips to the barber!

#2. The Spikey Look

Spikey hairstyles are commonly synonymous with energy, youth and vitality, while they’re also typically eye-catching and enable you to create genuinely creative looks. 

This can arguably help with the transition from having a full head of hair to premature balding, as it embodies the notion of embracing hair loss and using this opportunity to forge a brand new sense of style.

From a practical perspective, spikes also provide an effective way of masking your thinning hair, as they ensure that the scalp is far less visible to others.

Of course, this look is a little higher maintenance than the buzz cut, while you’ll also need to invest a little more in hairstyling products such as gel or wax.

#3. The Mid-fade Taper Haircut

Next up is the so-called “mid-fade” haircut, which offers another excellent way of diverting attention away from your thinning locks or areas of your scalp where balding is evident.

But what exactly is this type of hairstyle? Well, it describes a type of fade that starts at a level somewhere between the temples and ears, creating a striking visual balance and allowing you to make the most of any thicker areas of hair that remain on your scalp.

It’s certainly visually stronger than a low fade, while it’s ideal if you retain relatively thick or wavy hair that has only recently started to thin around the crown or temples.

Of course, you may be unable to do this without the help of a qualified barber, even if you’ve managed to develop some newfound hair-cutting skills during lockdown!

#4. The Fade Cut for Receding Hairlines

There are typically seven distinct stages to male pattern baldness, the first of which tends to see gradual hair loss around the temples and hairline.

Now, if this process has already begun and you have noticeable hair loss around the temples, you can retain as little bit of length on top and contrast this with a high fade to draw attention away from your receding hairline.

This works particularly well if you have curly or wavy hair, so it’s definitely a style worth considering in this instance.

#5. A Shaved Head with a Beard

We spoke earlier about the iconic buzz cut, which enables you to crop your hair and minimise any obvious bald patches.

However, shaving your scalp remains the most obvious approach to going bald, as this enables you fully embrace your reality and showcase attractive qualities such as confidence and dominance. 

It’s also thought that men who are proactive and shave their scalp are perceived as being younger than those who resist their receding hairlines, so this may help you to maintain your confidence in the short-term.

A shaved head also looks particularly alluring with a beard, particularly thick and fulsome facial hair that offers broad coverage.

There’s good reason for this too; as it restores a sense of balance to your face and ensures that you’re skin isn’t overly exposed.

#6. The High and Tight Haircut

Next up is a style that’s similar to the buzz cut, and one that encourages you to crop your hair neatly and camouflage apparent bald patches.

The difference between a high and tight style and a buzz cut us that the former enables you to retain slightly more hair on top, making it easier to style and adopt creative looks.

We’ve already touched on the benefits of going shorter when balding, and the combination of cropped and styled hair on top and a high, tight fade embodies these perfectly.

This also works well with a beard, whether you have thick facial hair or trimmed, designer stubble.

#7. A Scruffy Short Style

If you’re really not ready to shave your scalp or commit to a buzz cut, another alternative is to invest in a short and slightly unkempt style.

Usually, this will maintain the same length of hair all over your head, or potentially feature a mid and subtle fade on the back and sides.

Either way, it will help to mask balding areas around the crown and temples, while the retention of some length on top is effective when trying to hide bald patches on the scalp.

#8. The Slicked Back Style

While some may suggest that the so-called “slicked back” hairstyle is a little outdated, it’s actually a popular and highly effective look for both balding and non-balding men.

This certainly provides a contrast with a receding hairline, as slicked back hair draws attention away from the temples and introduces some much-needed volume into your style.

Just remember that you’ll need at least a little bit of length to successfully pull off this hairstyle, so you may need to grow it out slightly to achieve your objectives. You’ll need to invest in a comb and some hair product too.

#9. The Skin Fade with Short Hair

We’ve discussed multiple fades during this piece, and here’s another to add to your range of options.

With a skin fade, you’ll adopt a short and striking fade around the ears, before blending this into your remaining hair and maintaining a short amount of length on top.

Certainly, a striking skin fade will draw attention away from the temples and your balding scalp (particularly during the formative stages of the process), while it also forms part of a classic and youthful look that’s highly popular.

#10. The Short Pomp Style

The ‘short pomp’ style is a little more flexible and agile, making it a popular choice at different stages of the balding process.

This can feature various types and heights of fade, for example, while it’s focused on a raised and styled look on top of the scalp. 

However, the hair should remain relatively short on top, while allowing enough room and length to conceal thinning areas on your scalp.

#11. Spiked Hair and Shaved Sides

We spoke earlier about the role of a spiked hairstyle in tackling baldness, but you can also create a style that combines this with shaved sides or high fades.

This creates an even more striking visual contrast between the hair at the sides and on top, drawing the attention away from areas that may be balding and helping to control the way in which you’re hairstyle and look is perceived.

Once again, we’d recommend this during the formative stages of balding when you still have some hair on top, while potentially combining it with short but neat stubble.

#12. The Short Cut with a Long Beard

On the subject of contrasts, those of you who are able to grow a relatively long and fulsome beard may want to consider combining this with a short, cropped cut.

The key element here is the beard, which should ideally be thick and prominent and styled to remove stary and unsightly hairs around the neck or cheek lines.

As for the hair, you have a little freedom in terms of the precise style you choose. For example, a buzz cut works well with a lengthy and thick beard, as does a short, messy look that leaves a little length on top.

#13. Messy Hair With a High and Tight Fade

Messy hair definitely works during the early stages of baldness, as it doesn’t have to follow a formulated style and can be manipulated in a way to cover bald areas on the scalp or temples.

But what about if you combine this with a tight and high fade and relative short sides? 

Well, this creates a neat visual contrast and amplifies the volume that defines the hair on your scalp, which masks your impending baldness while creating a sense of youth and vitality.

The precise fade that you use is up to you, but this should be tailored to suit the length and style deployed on top!

#14. Messy or Scruffy Hair with a Side Trim

What if you’re balding and also going grey, which is typical for men who begin to lose their hair in the late 30s or early 40s.

In terms of your receding hairline, this style helps to create a sense of volume and draw attention away from the thinning parts of your scalp.

This also creates a highly distinctive look, and one that works particularly well if you have naturally wavy hair that’s a little longer on top.

#15. The Combover with Temple Fade

Arguably, the classic combover (and not the Bobby Charlton iteration) is the easiest style to achieve as a balding man.

It’s also versatile enough to cover a broad range of lengths and styles, while deploying a combover as you retain considerable amounts of hair on top can mask thinning areas without drawing greater attention to them.

We’d recommend combining a short to medium length combover with a temple fade, as this creates a clean and striking look that suits people at different stages of hair loss.

Once again, we’d recommend combining this with some form of facial hair, as it helps to balance the cut and provide contrast with a sharp temple fade.

#16. The Messy Side Part

This is another style for balding men with slightly longer hair on top, particularly if you’re starting to lose your hair early and are desperate to retain a youthful vibe.

This style largely retains medium length hair throughout the cut, with this making use of a deep side part on the left or right and tapered sideburns that may or may not bleed into a minimal fade.

Crucially, the frontal section of the hair (or the fringe) is swept up and away from the face, creating a far greater sense of style that’s modern and youthful in equal measure.

#17. The Short Mohawk With Shaved Sides

If you start to bald and have a square or angular jaw, you’ll probably want to draw focus to this feature and away from your receding hairline.

But how do you successfully achieve this? Well, we’d recommend experimenting with a short, punchy mohawk, which is heavily styled on top and combined with shaved, tapered sides.

We’re huge fans of this look, especially for those who are losing hair around the temples, while combining it with a short and styled beard adds another layer of masculinity.

#18. The Sleek Combover with a Razor Fade

Our earlier combover offered a relatively subtle and mid-range option, but this alternative is a little more dramatic and ideal for anyone who wants to embrace their thinning locks.

This slightly more cropped combover makes use of a deep part on one side of the scalp, allowing for the introduction of volume and height.

You’ll also often see a tight fade around the ears and tapered sides, adding an element of youth and vibrancy in the process!

#19. The Gradient Gray Crew Cut

Another suitable option for men who are going bald and grey prematurely, the ‘gradient gray crew cut’ helps to embrace both natural phenomena and establish a truly distinguished look.

By shaving the grey tightly around the back and sides while retaining structured length on top, you can create an organic, gradient effect that most men would pay excellent money for as they grow older.

It’s also interestingly, the lighter, gray tones help to camouflage any thinning areas of hair, creating a win-win by anyone’s standards.

#20. Brushed Forward Hair and Mid-Skin Fade

Last, but not least, we come to a brushed forward hairstyle, which is a little different and creates a certain sense of sleekness.

This is also ideal when dealing with a balding crown, as you can grow the top of your hair to a slightly longer length prior to brushing it forward.

This length should be contrasted with a mid-skin fade at the sides and back, as this amplifies the volume up top and certainly draws any attention away from your balding scalp!

The Last Word

There you have it; 20 of the best haircuts and styles for men who are balding (regardless of their age).

Of course, there are many more options available depending on the nature of your hair loss, while we’d recommend experimenting with different styles to find the option that’s ideal for you.