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MANTL & Mental Health

MANTL & Mental Health

Until recently, seeing a therapist for your mental health was viewed by society as taboo and something you just don’t talk about.  Many people would think that if you are seeing a therapist there must be something wrong with you, you are mentally ill, or your relationships are on the rocks.  Thankfully, the stigma towards taking care of your mental health is changing and it is predominantly viewed as important as personal care or physical fitness.  In fact 87% of adults in the US believe that seeing a therapist is nothing to be ashamed of and 86% believe that a therapist is the key to improving your mental health.*  

When we founded MANTL, we believed that skin care and mental health go hand-in-hand.  We set out to create the best premium face and scalp skin care on the market, but equally important was building an inclusive community of shared experiences around bald and balding. 

As founders of MANTL, we personally experienced the shame and depression of losing our hair or watched a loved one go through it — and at the time, we did not have a community or a mental health therapist in our lives.  This shared experience led us to prioritize mental health as a foundational pillar to the brand.  MANTL is at the nexus of skin care and mental health with a brand mission to prioritize taking care of your mind as much as the skin and body. 

I’m personally writing this, as the CEO of MANTL, because I believed that mental health was for people that had a problem or were weak.  When I left the Army, after two tours of duty in Iraq, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.  Just like most men, I did nothing, even when loved ones encouraged me to see someone for my anxiety, depression, and anger.  Finally, my wife booked me an appointment with a therapist and I dragged myself to their office.  It was life changing!  Not only did they listen, but also they provided me with therapies that reduced my anger and anxiety.  They taught me that losing my hair was a natural part of life and people were going to love me for me, not for my hair.  I go to my therapist every week, even when I don’t think I need to go.  There is always something for me to work on.

Finally, because we want to provide our customers and future customers with the ability to take care of their mental health, we partnered with TalkSpace — online therapy platform that allows users to send their dedicated therapists unlimited text, video, picture, and audio messages from anywhere, at any time.  Your licensed therapist will give you an unbiased, trained perspective while providing you with the guidance and tools to help you feel better. As a part of this partnership, Talkspace is offering the MANTL community a discount of $100 off their first month.  Use code: MANTL.

Peter Ricci


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