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The Magic of Ginger for Your Skin

Ginger's skincare journey goes way back in time, tracing its roots to ancient Asian, Indian, and Arabic herbal traditions.

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Derma Rolling – Is it Good for Beard Growth?

In 2017, 60% of American men said they sometimes, or always, had a beard. It is clear that the bear is very strongly back in fashion. And we're not just...

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Body Wash Or Face Wash? Which Is Better

It may be more convenient, but here’s why you shouldn’t use body wash on your face. The skin on our face is different from the skin on the rest of...

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Can Steroids Cause Hair Loss?

Have you ever noticed that bodybuilders tend to shave their scalps? There’s actually good reason for this too, as this makes the upper body appear more muscular by reducing the...

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Does Growing a Beard Make Your Head Go Bald?

Let's get straight to it: does growing a beard really trigger hair loss? This sounds like a stupid question of,  but while the short answer is no, there are scientific...

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Shaved Your Head But Still Have Dandruff? Here Is How To Treat It

When you first shave your head, you would think that you were bidding goodbye to those issues that plague people with long, luscious locks. This includes the problem of dandruff,...

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