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How to Be Confident and Look Good When Bald

Have you ever asked yourself why so many bald men have beards? The answer is actually quite simple; as a well-groomed and nicely accentuated beard adds character to your face...

Have you ever asked yourself why so many bald men have beards?

The answer is actually quite simple; as a well-groomed and nicely accentuated beard adds character to your face and helps you to cultivate a brand new style that suits your shaved scalp.

This is just one of the many reasons why bald men are considered to be sexier than those with hair, both from a scientific perspective and the viewpoint of women throughout the UK.

It also taps into the wider idea that men who lose their hair prematurely are forced to create a new and complimentary style and one that actually increases their confidence as they grow older.

In this post, we’ll explore this idea in further detail, while considering the style basics that can help you to fully embrace your brand new look!

Covering the Basics – Start by Wearing Clothes that Fit Correctly

Let’s start with the fundamentals; as there are few universal rules that underpin every single style and fashion aesthetic.

The most important is that you wear clothes that fit correctly, as otherwise, you’ll run the risk of either swamping your figure or cutting off your blood supply with garments that are too small. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Pay Attention to the Upper Body

You’ll need to avoid wearing shirts that are too big, as this will undermine the effect and the impact on any upper body training that you may have done.

Interestingly, going bald instantly makes your upper body appear bigger, by optimising the appearance of the shoulders, traps and chest muscles in comparison with a smaller head.

When you try on garments, you should make sure that the line sew on the shoulder ends exactly where your shoulder ends too, as this provides accurate guidance on the fit of your shirt. If the line sew extends beyond this then the shirt is too big; if it’s considerably shorter the chances are that it’s too small.

Following this simple rule can stand you in good stead while laying the foundation for any style decisions that you make in the future.

Invest in Trousers that Fit

Regardless of your body shape, buying trousers can be a nightmare. Even in the case of professional athletes such as rugby players, for example, there’s a pressing need to remain lean at all times while retaining large and muscular legs.

So how do you get trousers that fit, look great and help to reinforce your burgeoning new style?

Well, you could start by ensuring that you only ever have two or three creases as the fabric gathers around your ankles, as otherwise, this suggests that they’re too long and the wrong fit entirely.

Beyond this, be sure to buy trousers that fit the frame of your leg without being too tight or too baggy, while paying attention to your waste as a secondary consideration.

After all, you can always buy a pair of trousers in a slightly higher waist size and wear them with a belt, as this will optimise your comfort levels and the appearance of your legs if they’re large and muscular.

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Update your Wardrobe Two Times a Year on Average

Ultimately, if you’re going to wear clothes that fit, it’s imperative that you regularly review your wardrobe and update this where necessary.

I’d recommend purging your wardrobe twice a year on average, but if this is not possible you should try to do it at least once during each 12-month period.

At the same time, you should look to do this on an ad-hoc basis if you’re training regularly or looking to build muscle.

After all, this can trigger noticeable changes in your shape within a relatively short period of time, and you’ll need to update your wardrobe to reflect these effectively.

Make Sure that your Colour Choices Match

If you’re not familiar with the so-called ‘colour wheel’ this represents an abstract illustration of the relationships between different shades and hues.

This is an important consideration when looking to cultivate your wardrobe and a unique sense of style, as you should look to colour match your outfits as closely as possible.

The key here is to keep things simple, as while there are often four or five different shades within each colour you should try to minimise the amount featured in the outfits that you wear. In fact, it’s best to wear clothes that are within one shade of one another where possible, while prioritising popular and simple colours such as grey, brown, blue and black.

This rule can be applied to everyone, of course, but it’s especially important for anyone looking to develop a new sense of style as a bald man!

The Importance of Colour – What are the Benefits of Recognising This?

The subject of colour is clearly a fascinating one, but the question that remains is why does it represent such a significant consideration for bald men?

The answer is actually surprisingly simple; as bald men have more skin showing on the scalp, making its colour a more dominant aspect of your appearance. Typically, hair provides a strong contrast with your skin colour, but without this, it’s the clothes that you wear that will have to pick up the slack!

As a result, you’ll need to select outfits and garments that compliment your skin’s colour and tone, with one example being for pale-skinned gents to wear darker colours and contrasts.

Conversely, those with a darker complexion should consider using lighter and more neutral tones, but the key is to factor your skin colour into your new stylistic choices.

Not only will this help to ground and inform your new look, but research suggests that wearing carefully selected and coordinated shades can bring out the colour in your eyes, which in turn draws attention from your bald scalp and creates a greater sense of balance.

Deep sapphires and greens are thought to enhance blue eyes, for example, whereas orange and lavender shades can help make the most of hazel eyes.

Be Sure to Introduce Some Signature Accessories

In female fashion, accessories have been used to augment and compliment looks for generations now.

This is now a key trend in male fashion too, and it just so happens to have special relevance for newly-bald men who are redefining their sense of style.

More specifically, introducing certain accessories can help to break up the roundness of your head, creating shape and depth while drawing attention away from your hairless scalp. As a result, your accessories become the focal point of your appearance and encourage others to take an interest in your outfits.

To achieve this, the best types of accessories include hats and sunglasses, while even watches can be used to catch the eye of others and establish a focal point other than your head.

Subtlety is key here, as overdoing the beanie hats and sunglasses can make it appear as though you’re in disguise and attempting to avoid the attention of the law!

It’s also important that you don’t begin to use hats as a way of hiding your baldness. Remember, the idea is to embrace and empower your new look, rather than shying away from the fact that you’ve lost your hair.

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For the Love of God, Please Dress your Age

If you’re one of the two-thirds of men who’ve noticed some degree of appreciable hair loss before the age of 35, you’re likely to be experiencing male pattern baldness.

The progression of this type of genetic hair loss can create an ageing look, which is why shaving your head can instantly make you look younger and more youthful.

However, it’s realistic to assume that you’re never going to look 18 again with your new look, and with this, in mind, it’s important that you strive to dress appropriately and in a way that respects your age.

In general terms, this means doing away with cargo shorts and those vastly overrated graphic T-shirts, while even baseball caps should be worn sparingly and as part of a carefully cultivated look.

We reckon that these garments only serve to draw attention to your bald head, as well as creating a confusing and overly youthful look which makes it appear as though you’re trying too hard!

So what should you wear instead? V-neck T-shirts are a great choice for people with a bald head, while polo necks and collared shirts also represent mature and complimentary garments.

You can also combine smart jeans with a blazer to complete your new look, as this strikes the ideal balance between style, comfort and compatibility.

The Bad-ass or the Hipster - Pick a Style to Match your Persona

These generic and universal rules are widely known and accepted, while they’re also particularly important for bald men with shaved scalps.

Once you’ve begun to understand these rules in detail, the next step is to explore some of the specific style options that are tailored to suit bald men, before determining which one best suits your unique personality type.

Here are your options:

The Manly Bald Man and the Rugged Bad Boy

If we accept the research which suggests that bald men are perceived as being more dominant than those with hair, it stands to reason that this look should be the most suitable for anyone with a shaved head.

After all, the self-styled bad-ass look is perfectly placed to capitalise on such a perception, thanks to its raw masculinity and enduring ruggedness.

This look is defined by fitted clothes and boot cut jeans, along with naturally dominant garments such as the iconic leather jacket. Think of slim-fit blazers and open neck shirts too, along with plain and versatile colours such as blue, grey, brown and black.

This look is arguably best embodied by the iconic film star Jason Statham, whose simplistic and masculine wardrobe has taught an entire generation of bald men how to dress well.

Of course, this look suits some bald men more than others, specifically those who are buff, muscular and boast type-A personalities. Our reference to Statham underlines this, and while this is a look that can suit anyone with a bald head it’s less ideal if you’re introverted or a little out of shape.

The Bald Hipster – Exactly What it Says on the Tin

We now veer from one extreme to another, with the so-called ‘bald hipster’ look ideal for bald men who lack the body type to really pull off the Statham-esque style.

This style is synonymous with a thick and layered beard, which highlights the synergy that exists between a bald scalp and well-groomed, fulsome facial hair.

This cool and distinctly urban style is also defined by plain T-shirts, hoodies and open-neck shirts, while denim is also a popular choice for bald hipsters in the modern age.

Plaid shirts and layered outfits also suit this look well, as they strike a similar balance between smart and casual aesthetics.

We’ve seen a number of celebrities adopt this look in recent times, while it’s been a staple for others (including the REM frontman Michael Stipe) for years now.

The versatility of this look is central to its appeal, as it suits a slightly wider range of people than the self-styled ‘badass’ look. So whether you’re a hipster who’s bald or someone who lacks the upper body shape to adopt the rugged type A look, this is a genuinely viable option for you.

The Smart Look – Become a White-collar Professional

Our final selection is the white collar professional, which is one that I favour and am known to rock on a daily basis!

This style is undeniably the smartest and most professional option on our list and one that’s defined by smart collared shirts, quality denim and fitted suit jackets.

This look is typically slim-fit and visually impressive, while it shares some similarities with a more rugged style in that it typically focuses on core colours such as white, black and navy blue.

It also treads the line between the two previous styles, as it’s best suited to bald individuals who are physically fit but not necessarily huge in terms of their muscle composition.

You can also rock this lock if you’re a young professional or someone who mixes regularly in white-collar circles, which is a description that probably applies to most people aged under 35 in the UK!

Similarly, if the bad-ass look is beyond you and you’re unable to grow a thick hipster beard, this is clearly the best option to help you make the most of your appearance.

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Bald and With Beard? There’s a Range of Style Options Just for You

OK, we hear you ask, but what should you do if you have facial hair that doesn’t conform to the aforementioned hipster look? After all, you’ll be unable to adopt an authentic hipster style in this instance, but if your beard is a major part of your look then you’ll have to find an ethos that makes the most of this.   Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with a couple of additional styles that have been designed to suit specific types of facial hair. For example:

For the Mountain Man

We’ll start with a beard type that’s actually similar to hipster facial hair, as it tends to be thick, fulsome and incredibly eye-catching.

As a result, it’s perfectly suited to big and muscular men who are largely built and either don’t want a hipster beard or are unable to grow one effectively.

The similarities with hipster facial hair influence the choice of clothes on offer, as denim jeans, corduroy and coloured plaid shirts help to really bring this style choice to life.

One of the benefits of this look is that it offers flexibility and freedom to bald men, who can grow and sculpt their fulsome facial hair and experiment with different looks over an extended period of time.

For the Athlete

Next up is a look that’s tailormade for athletic types, but those who practice disciplines like boxing and CrossFit rather than bodybuilding or rugby.

People with this type of athletic body can sport an array of beard choices, although they typically prefer less fulsome options like a goatee or light stubble.

In this instance, you can augment your lean and well-groomed look with casual and athletic clothes, including fitted hoodies, T-shirts and the right size jogging bottoms.

The key is that you dress to suit your body type and have a genuine interest in one athletic discipline or another, as this adds authenticity and a sense of realism. You’ll also need to sculpt your facial hair regularly in order to make the most of your appearance and create a consistent look that suits your persona.

The Bare Truth of it – Why you Should Reduce the Skin on Show

We touched earlier on the importance of using accessories to supplement your look, as losing your hair creates a higher proportion of skin on show.

This is a rule that bald men should adhere to at all times, as it is important to prevent different areas of skin from merging together to create one giant area of flesh around your neck, face and scalp (this is another reason why facial hair is so popular amongst bald men).

Here are some other ideas to help you achieve this aim:

Wear Collared Shirts and Button Downs: As a bald gent, shirt collars are a friendly accessory that helps to cover your neck and reduce the amount of skin on show. There are also different types of collar available (both on shirts and polo tops), while you can also use colour to help complement your unique skin tone.

Wear Sunglasses or Glasses: We’ll start with a basic rule here; don’t wear fake or fashion glasses! Instead make do with a stylish pair of sunglasses to compliment your look, as you choose from an array of styles to suit your overall look and face shape. If you do wear actual glasses, try to prioritise models that boast a slightly rounder shape and help to soften the harshness of your bald scalp. A brand such as would be a great place to start to widen your range of sunglasses and prescription glassses.

Wear a Hat (Sparingly!): We’ve already covered this in length, but this is just a reminder to make hats a stylish and occasional part of your wardrobe. This is easier to achieve during the winter, and try to focus on the type of hat that best suits the shape of your head.

provides a great range of various hat styles for the discerning man.

The Last Word

So there you have it; our detailed and insightful guide to finding a style that helps you to fully embrace your baldness!

Sorting your style out is key to discovering your confidence after sudden and premature hair loss, while it certainly helps you to move forward with your life and make the most of your brand new reality.

Author - Pete Ricci - CEO of MANTL

Peter is co-founder and CEO of MANTL, bringing over 17 years of experience and expertise in sales, sales operations, strategy, and leadership development to the business.


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