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Bald with Beard: 6 Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

There is no doubt that beards are back in fashion, you don't have to look far to find men wearing any number of different beard styles in 2021. Make no...

There is no doubt that beards are back in fashion, you don't have to look far to find men wearing any number of different beard styles in 2021.

Make no mistake; the style of beard that you adopt is an important consideration, particularly if you are trying to achieve a certain look to suit your hairstyle, fashion sense or overall aesthetic.

It just so happens that there are a vast number of beard styles that suit bald men, which in turn creates numerous opportunities for this demographic to optimise their look and add an extra dimension to their masculinity.

In this article, we’ll ask why you should consider growing a beard, while appraising the various styles and types that are trending in 2021.

So Why Grow A Beard? 

What a good question! On a fundamental level, growing a beard can help to create a more balanced aesthetic, so long as you understand the precise look that you’re going for and take care to get the execution just right.

For example, growing a beard is a great way to compliment a bald or shaved head, with this creating a strong and clean-cut look that’s both masculine and inherently attractive to women (you don’t take our word for it either, as there are plenty of studies that have backed up this assertion!)

To see further proof of this, you simply need to check out the array of Hollywood hunks and heartthrobs that now sport this increasingly iconic look, including stellar names such as Bruce Willis and Robert Downey Jr (we’ve included some of these in our list of available beard styles below).

In terms of execution, one of the key elements is to finish your look with a neat and inherently stylish fade. Although this is a contemporary technique that can be difficult to pull off, it adds real depth and style to your look and often distinguishes the have from the have-nots in the fashion stakes.

For those of you who are new to the idea of a neat beard fade, this refers to a style that seamlessly blends your sideburns into the facial hair, with this remaining synonymous with a raft of shaved and cropped hairstyles!

Now that you understand this in detail and appreciate the key reasons to grow a beard, let’s explore some of the various and most common face shapes that require consideration!

The Rectangular Face

The rectangular face can prove challenging when growing a beard, with this often approximately one-and-a-half times longer than they are wide.

Here, the cheek lines running from temple to the jawline are straight, creating an often attractive and angular shape that you may not initially want to cover with facial hair.

However, the right type of beard can really accentuate a striking and angular face shape, will fuller beard styles and the so-called ‘chin curtain’ (which actively grows along the jawline and draws attention to this feature) particularly complimentary.

An extended goatee also helps you to make the most of this face shape, but we’ll have a little more on this precise style a little later in the piece.

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The Round Face

The round face is particularly common, and often defined as one that features a wide hairline and fullness beneath the cheekbones.

A relatively full and lengthy beard is a popular choice among those born with this particular face shape.

The reason for this is simple; as it effectively prolongs your face to ensure that it’s ultimately as it lengthens the face. This creates greater balance and shape, particularly if you keep the beard short at the sides and allow the hair beneath the chin to grow quite thick.

The Diamond Face

While it may be hard to visualise in some respects, the diamond face shape is best characterised by a narrow chin and a forehead with relatively wide cheekbones.

The beard styles that work best with this face shape tend to feature tapered sides and fullness at the chin, similar to the type of lengthy facial hair that suits people with round faces.

As your cheeks are sharper than your chin in this instance, you may also want to keep the hair here slightly longer than the rest of the bottom.

We’d also recommend shaping and styling this type of beard into a defined oval shape, ideally using complimentary beard oil and wax as required.

The Long Face

Long faces are easy to comprehend, with these tending to look thinner with relatively narrow features.

Generally, the best looking and most appealing beards for this type of face shape are full on the sides and short on the bottom, while they’ll also feature grown out sideburns and cheeks and a trimmed neckline.

You should also take the time to groom the chin hair and keep this relatively short, otherwise you risk extending your face further and undermining even the most carefully defined look!

What About the Moustache? Considering the Key Styles

It’s fair to say that the best and most even beard styles connect to a moustache, particularly if you have a completely shaved scalp and want to balance your aesthetic by growing as much facial hair as possible!

Before we briefly discuss some of the best moustache styles associated with beards, however, it’s important to consider the challenges and pitfalls that you may encounter along the way.

One issue may well be a lack of patience, as people tend to have inconsistent and uneven growth in alternative parts of the face. This essentially means that your beard and moustache can grow at different rates, so may need to put up with patchy pockets of facial hair while they catch up and eventually fill in.

Similarly, diet and lifestyle can have a direct impact on the pace and the extent at which hair grows on your scalp and face.

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For example, those of you who boast a healthy (and balanced) diet that’s supported by viable vitamin and mineral supplements should be able to optimise hair growth across the board, particularly in the challenging and patchy areas that often connect the beard to the moustache.

Diets that moderate the consumption of alcohol and fatty foods will also promote desirable hair growth, so this is something to keep in mind if you’re struggling to create the ideal look.

One of the most iconic styles in this respect is the so-called “beardstache”, which strikes a simple but effective look that’s arguably the most easy to execute. This can be paired with a trimmed and lightly developing beard, creating a blended aesthetic that really projects style and strength.

On a similar note, the classic ‘horseshoe’ moustache makes a strong and dominant personal statement, particularly when combined with light and consistent stubble.

Famously sported by icons such as Hulk Hogan and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, this look really exudes strength and balance in equal measure!

So what are some of the most popular facial hair styles?

#1 - The Full Goatee

People often confuse the classic and the full goatee, but there remains a distinct difference that is important to bear in mind.

More specifically, the former solely consists of neatly trimmed facial hair on the chin, whereas the latter also includes a full moustache and encompasses a look that most of us are familiar with.

Also, the full goatee has proven to be a flattering beard style for bald men, with no single celebrity embodying this better than Bruce Willis.

The Rock has also worn this style with distinction, while even Bryan Cranstan’s portrayal of the iconic Walter White in Breaking Bad was brought to life with an imposing and well-groomed goatee.

#2 - The Light Beard

For those in the early stages of hair loss, attempting to cultivate a specific look and beard style can be challenging.

A light beard consisting of even stubble can help during this transition period, however, while it also adds a unique sense of charm and masculinity to your overall style.

Aside from being low maintenance, the great thing about this beard style is that it can evolve in line with your hair loss, helping you to achieve an holistic look that suits your face shape.

#3 - The Classic Goatee Combined with Rounded Beard

We have already discussed the differences between the classic and the full goatee, but the former can also be a flattering style for balding men. This is particularly true when it is combined with a rounded, full beard, as this creates a symmetrical look that is distinctive and popular in equal measure.

By trimming the beard neatly in a rounded form and pairing it with a thin and entirely unconnected moustache, you can combine two classic styles to tremendous effect.

Make no mistake; this is a relatively high maintenance look that demands a great deal of care and attention. The ends justify the means in this case, however, while the style itself is also suitable for men of all ages.

#4 - The Trimmed Beard With a Single, Under-Lip Strap

There is no doubt about it that many bald men like to maintain trimmed beards in the modern age, while a growing number are also experimenting with additional elements and variations to create an even more unique aesthetic.

By combining a trimmed beard and moustache with a single strap under the lips, for example, you can combine two iconic facial hair staples in a simple, classical look. This creates a multi-purpose style that is both casual and formal at the same time, which negates the need to constantly adapt your facial hair depending on the occasion.

This look is easy to achieve and maintain, particularly if you keep the beard, moustache and the single strap to the same length.

#5 - The Chinstrap

The chinstrap remains one of the most iconic beard styles, while it is also one that is particularly flattering to bald males or shaven headed men.

This style includes a thin beard that runs along the jawline and underneath the chin, while it can be combined with a pencil moustache or classic goatee if desired. It offers the advantage of framing a masculine jawline and creating a virile, sporting look, and one which should particularly appeal to younger men who have lost their hair.

You could also try experimenting with a chin style that incorporates a chinstrap of variable width, as this allows you to establish a trademark aesthetic that suits your exact face shape.

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#6 - The Garibaldi

While modern trends may dictate that bald men wear neatly trimmed beard iterations, it is important to note that there are exceptions to every rule. The classic Garibaldi beard is one such exception, as it includes relatively long and unkempt facial hair within a truly distinctive and eye-catching style.

In simple terms, the Garibaldi comprises a full grown beard and a connected moustache, with the facial hair trimmed in a circular shape at the ends to create a rounded aesthetic. This makes for a bold and compelling look, and one that captures the essence of embracing baldness and defining a brand new style.

Although this style can be described as low maintenance, it is important to keep the bottom of the beard rounded and symmetrical. Similarly, you may want to control the length to some degree as this optimises the overall look that you are trying to achieve.

The Last Word

These beard styles are just a few of many that can suit balding men of all facial shapes and sizes, but each one enables you to take control of your style and embrace and receding hairline.

Just remember to keep the precise look you are trying to achieve in mind at all times, while also taking your face shape into account before deciding on a desired aesthetic.

Author - Pete Ricci - CEO of MANTL

Peter is co-founder and CEO of MANTL, bringing over 17 years of experience and expertise in sales, sales operations, strategy, and leadership development to the business.


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