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Your Partner’s Real Feelings About Your Thinning Hair

Have you noticed that your hair is starting to thin out on top? Maybe you’ve been seeing the signs of male pattern baldness for some time and you’re just starting...

Have you noticed that your hair is starting to thin out on top? Maybe you’ve been seeing the signs of male pattern baldness for some time and you’re just starting to worry. 

You are not alone.   It’s important to remember that male pattern baldness is normal and natural.  Most men by the age of 35 are starting to lose their hair. In other words, it’s not just you. 

Unfortunately, society as a whole tends to tell us that balding or being bald is a bad thing. Countless products (and even surgeries) exist to “fix the problem.” 

But is that really what people think? Specifically, is that what your partner (the opinion that really matters) think? 

The reality may surprise you.


The Science of What People Think About Being Bald

Contrary to what you may believe, baldness is not a negative trait to most people. Sure, there are some people who prefer men with hair. But overall, the majority of people don’t care one way or the other — and in some cases find it extremely attractive!

In one study outlined in Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers had a group of women rate photos of men with and without hair. The study took photos of men with full, thick hair and digitally removed the hair with no other differences between the images. Overall, the people ranked the bald men more positively than the men with hair. 

Bald men were viewed as: 

  • 13% more dominant
  • 6% more confident
  • 10% more masculine
  • 13% stronger
  • About an inch taller

In another study, Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University in Florida wanted to understand why baldness is not only genetically passed on, but why the trait has survived and thrived throughout evolution. The study asked women to rank a  group of men on a series of traits including (among others) honesty, intelligence, and social status. The results showed that in general, people perceive bald men as more honest, intelligent, and dominant than men with hair. This study backed up what Muscarella and other researchers had speculated for years - that baldness was historically beneficial because it increased a man’s perceived non-threatening social dominance.

Maxim sums up these results pretty perfectly.

“Would you rather be a pretty boy with a head of hair? Or would you rather be a highly intelligent, sexy, dominant goddamn boss who everyone respects? I think the answer is clear.”

The answer is clear. It’s why we love to see men bare their greatness and own the bald lifestyle. It’s why we celebrate smart, powerful, compelling bald men.

The best part is that MANTL is here to support you on every step of your Bald Journey.  We have a community and a set of 5-star skin-care products for the Face + Scalp that will help you along the way.  Check out our Complete Routine and get up to 20% off on your first purchase.


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