At MANTL, we're recovering all of the plastic used in our packaging to keep it out of landfills.

MANTL is part of Replenysh, a coalition of businesses and individuals on a mission to end landfills.

Why we contribute

We believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping end landfills. We’re proud to fund next-generation infrastructure to make all materials reusable.

The future of material recovery

A radically new approach

Zero Cost

By keeping materials separated by type, sorting costs and contamination are eliminated, which means value is retained and can be injected back into communities to help them thrive.

Zero Landfills

Replenysh works directly with brands and manufacturers who reuse the materials. This ensures there is always a buyer and never a chance for it to end up in a landfill or the ocean.

Zero Confusion

Transparency into what you should do when you're done, and where it goes after is key to building trust. It's an entirely new way to track your impact and know you're doing the right thing.

Circularity made simple

Replenysh builds tools for communities to recover and monetize their materials. Explore a few of the host locations MANTL helps fund.

Vertical Aerospace

Bristow, Oklahoma

Avg 179 lbs recovered per month


Kris & Bob Wyatt

Bristow, Oklahoma

Avg 5,094 lbs recovered per month


How you can help

Join Replenysh as an organization or individual in your community.