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Face + Scalp


Let us make this perfectly clear: your skin. Our pH-balanced formula is designed to gently remove dirt without drying or overstripping. That’s why it’s the foundation of our daily skincare routine.

5.8 fl oz / 173 ml

28 reviews

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Product Details

Aloe provides hydration and its soothing properties help calm irritated skin.

Allantoin combats dryness by promoting moisture absorption.

Willow Herb Extract helps manage excess oil and supports balanced skin.

Soft, foaming gel

Mild, woodsy, light citrus

No Synthetic Fragrance
No Synthetic Dyes
How To Use


A key daily step for a healthy Face + Scalp. Use morning and/or night to remove daily debris and excess oil.


Use 1-2 pumps

How To Use It

Gently massage onto wet Face + Scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Use morning and/or night.

Tip: Use lukewarm water. Massage cleanser into your skin in a circular motion, concentrating on areas where dirt collects.


Who Likes it?

Average Rating
28 reviews

Great product

Definitely would purchase, again.


Product and Packaging

Really like the Mantl products. Have used both the cleanser and the Invisible Daily SPF 30. I enjoy the nice scent and the Daily SPF goes on easily and feels good. Appreciate the sun protection as well. What I don't like is that Mantl has still not marked their packaging properly and it is not clear what type of plastic is being used in the bottles / dispensers. Don't want to wish-cycle, but I als...


Makes me care about my skin!

After getting the trial pack, I was amazed how my skin felt. As a man, I usually don’t care about my face and scalp, but now that I shave my head, I was searching for a product that took care of dry skin. I have found it! The cleanser is not too hard on my sensitive skin, smells nice, and over all makes my skin feel good. Pairing it with the moisturizer, I feel like my skin is glowing for the firs...


Bye bye old shampoo

Just one pump is more than enough to lather and cleanse my head. My scalp feels healthy and not oily. I follow up by using the Mantl moisturizer and sometimes the SPF moisturizer as well.


Great Product

Amazing cleanser from an amazing brand. This brand empowers men and keeps it real.


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