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Face + Scalp

No-Shine Sheets

For bald and balding men

Avoid shiny head syndrome! Made with Bamboo Charcoal, our No-Shine Sheets instantly neutralize excess oil and dirt — absorbing shine for a refreshed, clean look. Take it with you anytime, anywhere.

For subscriptions, you'll receive No-Shine Sheet Refills for the dispenser after the 1st shipment.

12 reviews

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Product Details

Bamboo Charcoal is a sustainable, renewable material that helps remove and absorb impurities from the skin.

Smooth, lightweight paper


No Dyes
How To Use

No-Shine Sheets

Banish shine and excess oil throughout your day with our compact dispenser and refills.


Use as needed for your Face + Scalp

How To Use It

Pull sheet through the dispenser to your desired length. Close the dipenser and tear the sheet at an angle. Press on shiny areas of Face + Scalp as needed throughout the day.

Tip: To best absorb shine and excess oil, gently blot (don't wipe!) the sheet of your desired size onto your Face + Scalp.


Who Likes it?

Average Rating
12 reviews

Vincent S.


Bought these because I was curious. They r helpful but I can’t say they’re any better than a piece of paper towel. They’re a bit too thin


Jonathan H.

The best addition I didn't know I needed.

I feel like most bald guys to a certain extent deal with a shiny T-zone. These no-shine sheets are perfect for keeping you mattified all day. I really appreciate having something to dab that extra oil/shine throughout the day. These will be a staple in my daily routine now and for the long haul!


Cassaundra B.

Manscaping at it's Best!

I purchased The Complete Routine for my husband and he loves the products. He is follicly challenged so protecting his scalp is very important. I think he is more committed to his skin routine now more than I am to mine ;) His face and scalp look fabulous!


Josh M.

Game changer!

Didn’t think I would love these no-shine sheets as much as I do. I’ve tried no-shine sheets in the past and those do not compare to the Mantl ones! They remove all excess oil and don’t leave any paper residue on my scalp!


Stephen H.

Great product for my first time experience!

I like all of my Mantl products I ordered. This was my first time order and use of the kit! I will definitely order more!


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