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How to Look Good as Bald Man - Transformation Guide

In some respects, the prospect of losing their hair can be a young person’s nightmare, especially when you consider that male pattern baldness occurs in those younger than 21 in...

In some respects, the prospect of losing their hair can be a young person’s nightmare, especially when you consider that male pattern baldness occurs in those younger than 21 in 25% of cases.

What’s more, 50% of a man’s hair may be lost before male pattern baldness even becomes noticeable, meaning that this can come as a huge shock to young, confident and healthy males.

However, we’re no longer living in the 1970s, when baldness carried a stigma and people would try to disguise this with wigs or ineffective medical treatments.

Nowadays, there’s a great deal to be said for embracing your hair loss and creating a bold and deliberate new look, especially as studies have found that women find shaven-headed men increasingly attractive, confident and dominant. But how can you cope with the transition and be confident when going bald? Let’s find out!

From Balding to Bald – The Importance of Shaving Your Head

Let’s face facts; there are numerous stages to male pattern baldness, while this is a natural and irreversible process that cannot be prevented.

Sure, treatments and so-called “miracle cures” can be used to delay the onset or progression of male pattern baldness, but nothing can stop this from completing its course over time.

Once you accept this harsh reality, you’re left with a simple choice. More specifically, you can either wait for your hair to gradually fall out, or grab the clippers and make the bold decision to shave your scalp and take control of your destiny.

The latter point is crucial; as deciding to shave your head can be incredibly empowering, primarily because it restores your sense of control and agency over your looks while changing the way in which you perceive hair loss.

Certainly, you can shave your head and take the first step towards shaping your brave new look, transforming hair loss into a positive experience that marks the next chapter of your life.

Even on a fundamental level, losing your hair can be an emotionally draining process, particularly when you’re stuck in a negative and anxious mindset.

This also has a direct impact on your confidence and self-esteem, but shaving your thinning hair and creating a clean new look can help to restore this over time (once you get over the initial shock, of course!).

We recognise that this can be difficult, but once you come to the realisation that hair loss is inevitable and you begin to change the way in which you perceive baldness, shaving your scalp is only sensible course of action.

Rule #2 of Bald Club – Don't Hide Your Baldness!

When a Men’s Health Study posed the question about whether to shave or not to shave the scalp when balding, some 68% were adamant that taking to the clippers was the best course of action.

Just 16% said that they’d prefer to hold onto it, while the final 16% were unsure, preferring to wait and “pray that the day never comes”. 

This highlights a growing trend, as balding men are increasingly and now overwhelmingly inclined to shave their head and restore a semblance of control as their locks begin to thin. 

As for the 16% who choose to hang onto their hair, this is arguably a flawed approach. There are a couple of reasons for this, including the fact that this does little more than leave at the unforgiving and unpredictable mercy of Mother Nature.

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Beyond this, there’s also ample evidence to suggest that this is less than attractive to members of the opposite sex. 

This has also been reaffirmed by various experts, based on the simple notion that women are attracted to confident men who have a genuine sense of assurance. This must radiate from both your look and how you carry yourself, and it’s hardly synonymous with attempting to hide thinning hair with a toupee or combover.

So, rather than desperately trying to hold onto your last remaining locks, it’s far better to embrace being bald and wear this type of look with strength and confidence. 

This will definitely help you to become more confident and attractive to others, while it also stops you from sending months and potentially years actually making your hair loss more obvious through complex and unusual styling.

Exercise and Work Out

One of the main reasons why being bald no longer carries a stigma is the rise of leading Hollywood men such as Bruce Willis, ‘The Rock’ and Jason Statham.

However, these guys have much more in common than their lack of hair. In fact, they’re also perceived as all action men or are in incredible shape, so getting fit and ripped can really add an attractive dimension to your brand new look.

It’s commonly thought that having a trim shape and high level of fitness also aids the perception that bald men are considerably more dominant and attractive, with this true across all age ranges.

From a similarly aesthetic perspective, shaving your head also makes your upper body appear bigger and more masculine than it otherwise would.

There’s a scientific basis for this too; as shaving your scalp reduces the size and mass of your head and provides a starker contrast with your upper body. This rule applies most noticeably to the muscles in the shoulders, upper chest and traps, which are usually the hardest to train due to the location of androgen receptors.

This is why body builders almost universally shave their scalp prior to competing, so that they can optimise the size of their upper body muscles and improve their chances of winning.

The key here is to work key muscle groups as part of a wider, more comprehensive fitness regime, in order to create a more obviously muscular build and one that’s amplified by a clean-shaven scalp.

Hair Isn’t Just a Head Issue – Grow Out Your Beard

We keep touching on it, but while shaving your head may be the best course of action as you begin to lose your hair, it can also create a sudden and jarring transition.

To help cope with this, we’d recommend that you consider growing some kind of facial hair. This can be anything from light stubble to a thick, long and fulsome beard, depending on your own personal preferences and face shape (we’ll have more on this below).

Purely from a visual perspective growing out a beard helps to restore the balance lost when you shave your head. Otherwise, you may find that you head resembles a type of egg, creating a stark and glaring look that may be a little too much for your newly-bald self!

Of course, not everyone can grow a thick or consistent beard, but you should be able to cultivate a covering of stubble that provides a clear contrast with your newly-shorn scalp.

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Once you’ve grown out your beard for a month and determined the consistency and length of facial hair that you’re able to grow, the next step is to identify the most suitable style. This will depend on the shape of your face, with this dictating different types and styles of facial hair. 

For example, if you have a rounder face, you may favour a fuller, longer beard, while a classic goatee may also help to make your visage appear leaner and less rotund.

Conversely, those of you with a square or angular jaw will want to grow facial hair that elongates your face and soften its edges. This create a structured, masculine but appealing shape, and one that’s actively complimented by your choice of beard.

You can find more information on different beard and facial hair styles here, but once you’ve made a decision, you’ll need to commit to a regular styling and grooming regime that makes the most of your new look.

Don’t Forget to Look After Yourself

On the topic of grooming regimes, it’s also crucial that you take good care of your scalp skin and safeguard this from the rigours of regular shaving and the natural elements.

For example, did you know that the skin on your scalp ages approximately 8x faster than other areas of your body? This issue will be compounded when your head is exposed to the elements and regular contact with a razor, but how do you tackle this issue?

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that you regularly clean and wash your scalp, using a cleanser that has been tailored for the skin in this area. You can opt for products that are suitable for dry or sensitive skin where required, but the key is to avoid using body wash on your scalp.

Remember, this may be a little harsh on the skin and could dry it out, leading to irritation, inflammation and even dandruff. Yes, you can still get dandruff when you’re bald, which we reckon is the worst of both worlds when it comes to hair or scalp care!

If you’re a little older when you shave your head, we’d also recommend using an age defence moisturiser.

This can help to combat the rapid aging of the scalp, leaving you with healthier and smoother looking skin in this area.

On a practical note, it’s also important that you apply sunscreen to your bald head during the spring and summer months. This rule applies even when there appears to be a cooling breeze, as this can mask the warm and potentially damaging rays of the sun over time.

Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above should be more than adequate in the UK, and if you’re unable to apply this in the heat, be sure to wear a hat that provides complete coverage of the scalp.

Refresh and Revitalise Your Wardrobe

If you’ve taken the decision to shave your scalp and hit the gym, you may need to completely refresh and revamp your wardrobe.

It may also be worth investing in new clothes as a way of reflecting your new-found confidence and sense of empowerment, as you look to create a more focused look that’s both masculine and complimentary to your body shape.

Another key tip is to dress to help further accentuate your upper body. For example, you could invest in some sleep polo necks and turtlenecks, while also wearing open collar shirts to showcase your muscle gain where applicable.

When dressing more formally, a thickly-knotted tie is also to be recommended, as this draws attention to your upper body and creates a point of visual interest near to your face.

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Given that your shaved head also exposes considerably more of your scalp, you may want to temper this by wearing predominantly dark colours to create a striking contrast.

Certainly, dark, earthy greens, blacks and purples are highly effective colours when balding or having completely shaved your head, especially when combined with dark blue or washed denim jeans.

When it comes to headwear, you may want to consider identifying hats that can be worn on a relatively frequent basis (and not just when it’s hot or sunny!). Baseball caps offer a particularly flattering and contemporary option, particularly when worn with a hooded sweatshirt and distressed jeans.

Remember, hats should never be used simply to hide or mask your baldness. Instead, you should look to incorporate these into your wider wardrobe and wear them in a way that adds to or augments your new look.

The Last Word

Ultimately, losing your hair can be a challenging and emotionally draining experience, especially if you’re a younger man aged 30 or under.

However, shaving your scalp represents an empowering solution, even accounting for the obvious transition and the need to adjust everything from your attitude to your wardrobe.

Still, this bold approach pays dividends over time, and it can definitely help to go bald with confidence and lay the foundation for a new and fitting look.

Author - Pete Ricci - CEO of MANTL

Peter is co-founder and CEO of MANTL, bringing over 17 years of experience and expertise in sales, sales operations, strategy, and leadership development to the business.


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