Co-Founder & CEO Peter Ricci

CEO & Co-Founder

Pete Ricci

I founded MANTL to start a revolution to tear down not only the overly complex world of personal care, but also the apparition of the perfect person. I was sick and tired of brands telling me that aging wasn’t natural, that my skin wasn’t perfect, and that I wasn’t good enough. That doubt ends with MANTL.

My mission is to elevate humanity with positivity, empowerment and confidence through MANTL skincare and community. MANTL is a balance of sophistication and simplicity, elevated style with approachability, and confidence with vulnerability. You expose your skin every day to the world, now it is time to bare your greatness with MANTL.

Co-Founder Karamo Brown


Karamo Brown

I was inspired to co-create MANTL to help all people live life with greater confidence, connect on a deeper level, and spark positive change along the way. I believe that in order for us to treat those around us with love and respect, we must first love and respect ourselves, and that the first step in that journey is self confidence.

My mission remains unwavering – to inspire individuals to embrace their authenticity, fostering self-love and personal growth. Together with MANTL, I'm excited to continue empowering people to navigate life's complexities with confidence and grace.

Founders’ Note

From the Ground Up: Building Truly Inclusive Skincare

When we first set out to develop a skincare line, our initial mission was to create a line of versatile products that cared for the face, scalp, and neck with equal love and attention. We are, after all, two bald men, and the scalp goes through a lot when there’s no hair to shield it from sun rays, harsh winds or cold weather. Doing this, we hoped to cater to the community that had been overlooked by mainstream skincare for far too long. But guess what, folks? Along the way, we discovered something incredible.

As we crafted our products, always keeping in mind their trio-targeted effect (face, neck, and scalp), something dawned on us - our skincare range is not just beneficial for people like us. Our formulation was gentle, our approach was simple, and our results were truly transformative. It didn't take us long to realize that MANTL worked wonders for all people and all skin types, bald or not.

Understanding the versatility and universality of our range was quite literally an "aha!" moment. Sun damage is not exclusive to the scalp, and neither should our skincare be. Regardless of whether you have a head full of curly locks or sport a shiny bald head, your skin craves the same things - hydration, protection, and nourishment.

What we ended up creating was not just a skincare line for the bald and balding but a simple and effective range for everyone. A range that focuses on fundamental skincare needs, that strips down complicated routines to their bare essentials, and that is inclusive of all skin types and conditions.

MANTL is formulated to be gentle on your skin but tough on problems. The collection is effective enough to moisturize and safeguard your scalp, gentle enough to soothe your face, and hydrating enough to care for your neck.

What started as a focused project broadened its horizons, welcoming everyone into the equation. The result? A range of skincare essentials that truly encapsulate the mantra - "beauty is for everyone."

I hope you enjoy our collection as much as we loved creating it for you. Always remember, your skin deserves the best, no matter where it is on your body or what kind of skin you have.

Here's to glowing skin for all, and to the end of our journey from a small, focused project to a brand that serves everyone in a simple and effective way.

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